Matthew Fraser has lived in France on and off over the past three decades. He first moved to Paris in the 1980s to complete a doctorate – and returned permanently to France in 2006. He is currently a professor at the American University of Paris, where he teaches courses on global media and politics, entertainment industry economics, history of journalism, and investigative reporting.

Raised in a family of recent British immigrants to Canada, he grew up in Toronto where his early career as a journalist began at the Globe and Mail newspaper writing about pop music, movies, theatre, and television before becoming the paper’s correspondent in Quebec. He subsequently was a correspondent in Paris and London for the Montreal Gazette, and later joined the National Post as a columnist writing about the entertainment industries. He was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the National Post and also co-hosted a national television show in Canada, “Inside Media”, on the public network, CBC Newsworld. 

Fraser was educated in Canada, France and Britain – notably at the University of Toronto, Sciences Po Paris, La Sorbonne-Panthéon, Nuffield College, Oxford, and the London School of Economics. He holds a PhD degree in political science.  


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