France’s parliament is debating a law that would give the state the power to censor “fake news”. If the law is passed, the French state will have the powers to ban, through a court order, the publication of any news considered false in the run-up period to elections.   French MPs are sharply divided over this proposed law. But the draft law has a powerful sponsor: President Emmanuel Macron.   Macron has spoken out publicly against the toxic influence of “fake news” (the English term is widely used in French). During the presidential election campaign last year, he was outraged by attacks that targeted him personally, notably stories alleging offshore bank accounts. He also accused Russia of spreading “deceitful propaganda” through the Kremlin-controlled RT and Sputnik sites. Macron believes a law is needed to “protect our democracy from these

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RIP, my best friend Oscar

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 by

RIP Oscar January 30, 2000 – September 23, 2013 I have some very sad news: Oscar died very suddenly at home on Monday morning. He had been feeling ill last week and I took him to a vet on Friday. Over the weekend he seemed fatigued and disoriented and I began to feel worried. I spent the entire weekend with him. On Saturday night I took him to the Champ de Mars where he gazed at the Eiffel Tower; and on Sunday night I took him to the banks of the Seine where he watched the boats pass on the river at dusk near the Pont des Invalides. That was his last walk outside, though he was so tired that I had to carry him in my arms most of the time. On Monday morning he was sleeping on a