Home Again in Paris published — available as ebook

by / Wednesday, 12 June 2013 / Published in Paris

Home Again in Paris Oscar, Leo and MeIt’s extraordinarily gratifying to announce, finally, the release of my new book, Home Again in Paris: Oscar, Leo and Me. I won’t go on at length in this blog post about the book itself as this new website provides all the information you will need. I will only say here that, as a personal memoir, this book is about real people and events — essentially, what happened in my life after moving back to France in 2006. I would like to stress though that this book, to employ a familiar phrase in French, is “ma verité” — my truth, how I observed people and the world around me. It is not an essay about French society; it is a personal memoir about my experiences in France. I assert that caveat perhaps needlesssly, for the subjective nature of the narrative should become obvious almost immediately. 

I would like to express gratitude here to those who are thanked in the book’s Acknowledgements. First to my friends who took the trouble to read and comment on various chapters: Nancy Campbell, Fred Langan, Paul Okel, Adam Ostry and Claude Faurant. I am also grateful to Cassandra Dunn, a novelist and professional editor whose advice on the manuscript was invaluable. I also wish to thank Helen Baggott for proofreading the final draft with a careful eye. The book was formatted by the excellent and efficient team at 52 Novels. Finally, special gratitude to Susanne Worsfold for designing the book’s cover image as well as this author website.

The book is immediately available in Kindle on all Amazon sites (see the “Books” page on this site) as well as via Smashwords. It will also be available on other ebook sites — Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony etc. — in the next few days.

Hope you enjoy enjoy the book.