Matthew Fraser is the author of  several books, notably Weapons of Mass Distraction: Soft Power and American Empire (St Martin’s, 2005), which explores the influence of pop culture on geopolitics. He is also the author of books about social media and the global entertainment industries. His next non-fiction book, In Truth: A History of Lies from Ancient Rome to Modern America, will be published in the spring of 2020. An ambitious historical journey through truth and lies, the book’s premise is that, to understand any epoch — including our own — one must discover what it regarded as true and false. He is currently working on a crime novel set in Paris. 

Fraser began his career in journalism at the Globe and Mail writing about pop music, movies, theatre, and television. He subsequently was a correspondent in Paris and London for the Montreal Gazette, and later joined the National Post as a columnist. He was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the National Post and also co-hosted a national television show in Canada, “Inside Media”, on the public network, CBC Newsworld. 

Since returning to Paris in 2006, Fraser has been a Senior Research fellow at the INSEAD business school and taught at La Sorbonne and Sciences Po. He is a full-time professor of communications and international politics at the American University of Paris. He has been interviewed on media and France-related issues by numerous international media outlets, including the The GuardianNew York Times, CNN, and the BBC.

Agent: Amanda Jain  at Bookends Literary Agency.


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