Matthew Fraser’s new book Home Again in Paris: Oscar, Leo and Me

Home Again in Paris is a lively, insightful, and poignant memoir that follows the author’s readjustment to life in Paris after nearly two decades away from France. He first moved to Paris as a fresh-faced graduate student in his twenties. Now in his forties, after many years working as a newspaper columnist and TV presenter, he returns to Paris to rebuild his life following the death of his wife. This time he’s accompanied by two bichons, Oscar and Leo – and has no idea what lies ahead.

Home Again in Paris is both an inspirational personal journey and a portrait of modern France combining observation, anecdote, and a cast of colourful characters in a rich narrative that takes the reader on an eye-opening adventure into the French soul. Above all, it’s a book about faith, hope, and the meaning of home.

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